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Our nonprofit team is dedicated to making sure that you have the support you need.  On this page you'll find resources to learn more about Alaya, and answer any questions you might have. 

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Nonprofit Support

Our nonprofit team is dedicated to making sure that you have the support you need.  On this page you'll find resources to learn more about Alaya, and answer any questions you might have. 

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Common questions

About Alaya

Alaya is a platform that enables companies to build a purpose-driven culture and engage employees to make a meaningful impact, one act at a time. We create experiences that bring out the human side of work so that companies and their employees can do good and measure their actions through our easy-to-use and engaging technology platform.  

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Common questions

How does Alaya work for the nonprofits? Why should I register my nonprofit on Alaya? >

Alaya gives you the possibility to share your needs in terms of skills, goods, funds and hands-on projects with a pool of highly skilled professionals - all via one single platform. When registering your nonprofit on Alaya, a profile is created for you that will be linked to all your needs. That way you can be precise in the descriptions of your projects while the potential volunteer associates it directly with your overall work and causes. Simply share your needs and be connected with the volunteers that want to support your cause.

Which nonprofit organisations are you collaborating with and how many? >

We are collaborating with more than 1000 nonprofit organisations all around the world. The main locations are France, Switzerland, Germany, Singapore, Spain, United kingdom and USA. We are working with organisations supporting the 17 SDGs.

Where is Alaya operating? >

Alaya is a swiss based company that started operating in 2018. We are a global platform and have four offices : one in the french part of Switzerland in Gland as well as Paris, Barcelona and London.

How do Alaya clients and employees use your software? Why would companies pay to be part of your platform?

Our corporate partners choose to work with Alaya to help them build out and act on their CSR & Employee Engagement efforts to offer to their employees different ways to do good at work, whether it is through volunteering, fundraising, team challenges and more. Employees can access the platform directly and find causes and projects they wish to support. For companies to have access to the platform, they pay fees that vary depending on the number of users. For nonprofits, the platform is absolutely free.

Which companies use Alaya as a CSR (Corporate social responsability) tool? And how many employees? >

We are currently working with hundreds of companies worldwide band within that more than 200,000 users worldwide.

I want to register the nonprofit organisation I work with on Alaya. How can I do that? >

To register your nonprofit on Alaya, simply fill out this form Our dedicated Nonprofit team will automatically be informed once you have answered all questions and one of us will contact you directly with more instructions about the next steps.

Is there any check or certification to onboard on Alaya? >

The registration questionaire helps us to gather information on your organisation such as the description of your activities, your mission, the certification that you have etc... It helps us to have an overview of what cause your are supporting and how you are doing it. Every question is linked to a certain number of points to produce a certification. Depending on the total of points you get, you will be accepted on the platform. If you have a lower number than expected, we will ask you more information to have a deeper understanding of hoow your organisation is working.

Can I have access to my profile and the activities on the platform? Can I edit my profile and upload the activities? >

You have the possibility to have access to the platform to see your profile and the missions. This view on the profile is what a user is viewing when he/she is connecting on the platform. You have access to the catalogue of activities offered on the platform and can get inspired by others nonprofit's activities. You cannot edit your profile nor upload an activity for now. We are currently developing a portal where you will have the possibility to edit your profile and your activites but this will be live mid-2021.

Is there a limit on how many different activities I can upload? >

No, you can upload as many activties as you need.

How do I keep the activities up-to-date on the platform? >

Each time you want to modify or delete a mission you just have to contact your reference person by email or phone and we will take care of making the changes you asked.

For how long do my activities stay online? >

The activities have no ending if you don't put an end date, you can delete them at any time if the activity is done, or if there is no more need in the area.

Do I need to create at least one activity per type (Field volunteering, Skills based volunteering, Goods collection, Fundraising?) >

No, you create your activity according to your needs, so if you need only Skills based volunteering for example you can ask only volunteers in Skills based volunteering.

Is there a way for me to actively promote some of my activities to certain clients on the platform? >

The more you share updates with the dedicated Nonprofit team at Alaya, the more your activities will appear in the newsfeed. So make sure to have always updated activities on the platform. Furthermore, you have the possibility to share the fundraising on your social media to promote it to a larger audience. Click here to find out how.

How do I know a Volunteer has signed up for an activity? >

When a volunteer signed for a mission, somebody from the Alaya nonprofits department will contact you and put you in contact with the volunteer.

Does a field volunteering activity need to be an outdoor activity? >

Not necessarily, a field volunteering activity means that the participants come and help you in the field, physically. It can be helping you to cook a meal for homeless people, supporting you during an event on the field, closing envelopes for a massmailing or removing invasive plants.

Are there any limitations with regards to the number of participants that can participate in a field volunteering activity? >

There is no limit regarding the number of participants. It is very important to mention the number of participants minimum and maximum when posting an activity on the platform to guide the users whether they can do this activity individually or in group.

What type of goods can we request on the platform ? >

Any type of goods can be ask for on the platform, but most of the time Nonprofits are looking for clothes, books, second hand computers or electronical equipments and food.

How does the organization of a goods collection work ? >

A goods collection can be organized on the corporate level and on the individual level. It means that if a company is willing to organize a collect, we will connect with you to organize it (time of the pick up, list of goods etc..). If an individual is interested in doing such a thing, they will apply on the mission and we will contact you to see how we can organize a collection.

Opportunities with Alaya

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There are many ways your nonprofit can benefit from the Alaya platform. Below are some of those: 

Common questions

Fundraising with Alaya

Communicate and participate!

Common questions

How much money has been raised through Alaya over the years? >

Since 2018, we have been able to raise more than 1 million dollars on the platform with amazing fundraising projects from our nonprofit partners around the world.

How can we create a fundraising on the platform? >

You can create a fundraising on the Alaya platform in 2 steps: 1. You first need to create a RaiseNow and Stripe account for your nonprofit. For more details on how to do that please refer to the question below. 2. Once the accounts are created, please fill out our fundraising form and send it back to us. We will upload your fundraising to the platform for you and you are good to go!"

How do I create a RaiseNow and a Stripe account? >

To create a RaiseNow and Stripe account please simply follow the steps in the guide we have created for this process.Click here to follow the process.

Why do I need to create a Stripe & Raisenow account? >

To make raising funds on Alaya for you as easy and successful as possible, we focus on two pillars: 1. Service 2. Internationality while guaranteeing the lowest fees possible. RaiseNow is a payment provider that offers you all kinds of great services. For instance, Raisenow will give you access to all the data of your donors via Alaya (name, surname, etc), when a payment was made, in which currency, etc. You also have the possibility to easily generate donation certificates. Stripe is an international payment provider that allows donations in all currencies with minimal transaction costs. Stripe will link your account to our platform and ensure that the money you donate is deposited directly into your account. "

What is the RaiseNow manager for? >

The RaiseNow manager is the dashboard on the payment provider RaiseNow. It provides an overview of the donations in real time and allows the nonprofit organisations to have access to the donations made on Alaya. This dashboard is linked to the account created on RaiseNow in order to enable fundraising activities on the platform.

When are the funds transferred to the nonprofit? >

The funds are raised via the Alaya platform and RaiseNow and stored by Stripe. Once a month, stripe will transfer the money raised via bank transfer on the bank account shared during the registration.

Do I need to send tax receipts for donations received through Alaya? >

On the RaiseNow manager, the nonprofit organisations have the possibility to extract the data of the donations made on Alaya and to export the donors details. You will then be able to create tax receipts to be sent to the donors. You have to do it manually for each donors.

How can I increase the amount of donations I’m receiving through Alaya? >

You can really boost exposure to potential donors by providing as much information about your organization and its mission as possible so that we upload it on your profile. This includes adding a description, a logo, links to your social media pages or to your organization's website.

Do all my fundraisings need to be project specific or can I simply create a fundraising for my organisation as a whole? >

Your fundraisings do not need to be project specific. You can create project specific fundraisings as well as very general ones. A small tip however: the more graspable the more successful!

Does fundraising over Alaya involve any costs or commissions for a nonprofit? >

The only fees that apply are the ones from stripe. Those are transaction fees. We at Alaya do not take any fees on the donations.

Get access to a network of thousands of volunteers around the world with Alaya. You can create missions for different types of volunteering, whether it's skills-based or field volunteering. 

We are working with two digital payment providers Raisenow and Stripe. They enable our users to make donations in all currencies without any commissions from neither of them. Only transaction fees will be applicable.  See below in the common questions how you can get started with fundraising on Alaya!

Help Centre

Skills-based volunteering with Alaya

How do I know a Volunteer has signed up for an activity? >

When a volunteer signed for a mission, somebody from the Alaya nonprofits department will contact you and put you in contact with the volunteer.

What kind of skills do the volunteers on the platform have? >

As we are collaborating with corporate partners, the volunteers are most of them from the service sector.

How long can my skills based activity last? Does it need to be short term or can I also look for support that last over several months? >

You can choose how long you are activity last, but we are collaborating with our corporate partners employees so you will have more volunteers if you ask for a short term.

Common questions

Get access to a network of thousands of volunteers around the world with Alaya. You can create missions for different types of volunteering, whether it's skills-based or field volunteering. 


Ready to set up a volunteering activity on Alaya? 

Ready to set up a volunteering activity on Alaya? 


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Ready to set up a fundraiser on Alaya? 


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