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If Youtube doesn’t work you can read our User Guide by clicking here or contact us at [email protected].

How to create your account

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Register, Login & Password How do I create an Alaya account?

To create an Alaya account :

  1. Click here
  2. Enter your company email
  3. Read & accept the privacy policy
  4. Create your account
  5. You’ll get a verification email. Make sure to check your spams.

Your company isn’t working with Alaya yet? This is how you can bring Alaya to your company :

  1. Send us an email at [email protected]
  2. Download our brochure and forward it to your HR and CSR department.

To change your password :

  1. Click here
  2. Click on : Forgot password?
  3. Enter your email address. You’ll get an email to reset your email.
  4. Click on the link in the email and add a new password
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