Channel the power of small actions through Purpose Challenges

Create and choose from a variety of Purpose Challenges for your team to promote sustainability, wellbeing and inclusion.

purpose challenges sustainability

Fun, everyday Challenges for everyone

Sustainability Challenges

Choose from a library of gamified, easy-to-complete sustainable actions that have a positive impact on the planet, people, and your company.

purpose challenges wellness

Wellness Challenges

Motivate employees to take care of themselves through activities related to exercise and nutrition.

Empathy Challenges

Help employees build empathy with others and support Diversity & Inclusion.

empathy challenges

Create your own custom Challenges

Want to motivate the team in a new way? Create a Challenge of your choice to engage employees and bring the team together.

Invite colleagues & track your progress

Make sure everyone can take part by inviting your colleagues to join, and motivate employees to participate with points that climb along with their impact!

purpose challenges alaya

Set off a chain of positive actions

A variety of topics to suit everyone

Whether wellbeing, inclusion sustainability, or your custom content, connect your employees' values with your corporate values.

Participating has never been easier

Challenges are made to be accessible and engaging, making it a great way to get more employees involved.

Gamified for good

With built-in gamification features, encourage a sense of achievement and motivate your teams to join in.

Drive cultural change

With small acts, your employee experience becomes purpose-driven, every day.

Engage employees while making an impact

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