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How can Alaya’s network of companies
and their employees
help your nonprofit organisation?

As part of our social mission, Alaya connects your nonprofit with corporate and individual donors and volunteers, so you can spend more time on what matters most—helping your beneficiaries and maximising your impact.

So far, Alaya counts:

change makers in our community
volunteering hours
donations facilitated

Dozens of companies partner with Alaya to
power their giving and volunteering initiatives

A partner for nonprofit organisations of all sizes,
supporting many different causes in many different ways

How does it work?

Get help for a variety of your needs:



Receive direct donations via corporate giving and matching programs from companies and their employees.​


Field Volunteering

Find volunteers for your actions in the field or your events. Establish a personal connection with volunteers for longer term support.


Skills-based Volunteering

Access a network of professionals ready to invest time and energy in your project and your cause related to their skills.



Computers, office materials, toys and clothing—in-kind donations can be facilitated too.

Want to know more about how you can benefit?

Why Alaya?

Because increasing your impact is our mission. At no cost to you.

Become a meaningful brand

Visibility among a network of companies

Connect with companies eager to help impactful causes through their donation, matching and volunteering programs. Get help locally and globally.

Encourage team building

Access to skilled volunteers

Our community of volunteers is professional and global, giving you more chances of finding a volunteer that fits your needs, whether it’s for marketing, IT, legal, or more.

Save time

Reduced administrative burden for all your needs

You can share a variety of needs, from funds to specific expertise, in a timely way. Simplify your administration with one platform.

How to get started


Register in 5-10 mins

Companies want to support credible, impactful nonprofits, so we help you establish your eligibility for our clients’ corporate giving and volunteering programs with our vetting.


Share your needs

Publish as many projects as you like, depending on your needs, so employees can find them on the platform. Pay attention to making your descriptions clear and engaging for maximum visibility.


Get funds & volunteers

Receive funds directly or get notified when volunteers are interested in supporting your cause!

Interested in benefiting from donations and volunteers through Alaya?

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