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Why invest in engaging your employees for good ?

For you. For us. For our planet.

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of employees worldwide expect prospective employers to have a greater purpose and their jobs to have meaningful societal impact.
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of millennials and 80% of Gen Z feel that business success should be measured in terms of more than financial performance.
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of CEOs believe that being a social enterprise is becoming more important to organizations over time.

With Alaya

Your employee volunteering and giving program becomes easy to implement, customisable & measurable.

  • Offer your employees a choice of verified charities to contribute to the causes they care about, their way.
  • Track & report on your contributions in real-time.
  • Customise the all-in-one solution for your unique needs.
  • World-class service & a committed partner that cares about your success.

Corporate citizenship is no longer simply a corporate social responsibility program, a marketing initiative, or a program led by the CHRO. It is now a CEO-level business strategy —defining the organization’s very identity.

Deloitte 2018 Global Human Capital Trends

Many benefits

Offer every employee concrete ways to make a meaningful contribution to their community.

  • Recognition as a company that cares about your employees, society, and the planet
  • A tangible way to amplify your social impact
  • Access to a global & local network of vetted charities
  • Drive employee engagement

You're in good company

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