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FR Doing good is good for business. But how can you convey the value of your corporate giving and volunteering program to your colleagues and leadership? Often, it’s through a business case. It’s the first step to gaining approval, all-important buy-in and moving forward with your project.

In this guide, we’re sharing six steps to create a compelling business case, as well as how to apply these steps to make the case for investing more in corporate giving and volunteering at your company.

  1. Define the problem (or opportunity) clearly
  2. Ensure your project fits in with the business strategy
  3. Identify the benefits & risks
  4. Compare solutions
  5. Make a recommendations
  6. Create an implementation plan

Getting support for your project is essential for success. By following these steps, you can make a convincing argument for your project. Let’s get out there, and change the world.

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