Inspire employees to volunteer.

Online or in-person, enable your team to volunteer while developing their skills.

online volunteering employees

Bring the team together through volunteering.

Upload activities to make the platform your own.

Create activities just for your company, or enable your local program champions to do so, for more local actions while saving you time.

employee volunteering event tool

Build teams and skills through online and field volunteering.

Combine team building and volunteering activities to unite teams while making a positive impact. Whether it’s skills based volunteering online or field volunteering enable employees to develop themselves professionally and personally too.

build teams and skills

Access a global nonprofit network.

Easily integrate your existing nonprofit partners, or connect with new ones through Alaya’s global nonprofit network.

global nonprofit network

Personalised recommendations tailored to each individual.

Help everyone find an activity they’re passionate about with personalised suggestions based on their location, skills, favourite causes, and more.

Easily manage volunteering events.

Track event registrations, automatically notify participants, and empower your local program champions with their local events.

Bring purpose to work through volunteering

Offer employees a choice of opportunities suited to them.

Increase participation and boost impact through personalised recommendations.

Save time and empower your program managers.

Improve efficiency and scale your program by automating processes and having everything in one place online.

Track participation and impact.

Monitor the participation of your program, volunteering hours and donations made.

Show solidarity through donation matching.

Build brand loyalty by supporting your employees donations through matching.

Engage employees while making an impact

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