The platform for employee social engagement

When linking corporate social responsibility and employee engagement becomes easy.

Why invest in employee social engagement?

For you. For us. For our planet.

Millennials are 5.3 times more likely to remain loyal to the company if their values ​​are aligned with those of their employer.

83% of employees want to participate in social responsibility missions of their company, only 17% participate on average.

79% of managers believe that shared values ​​are central to the success of the company.

92% of managers agree that field and skills-based volunteering contribute to the development of professional skills.

64% of DGs have increased their CSR budget in 2017.

Turnover reduced by 53% for employees actively engaged in social engagement programs.

Our functionalities

Alaya offers you a unique scope of actions in all the countries where your company is present. One single digital platform to manage all your giving and volunteering programs. 

Give time

  • Aggregator of skills-based volunteering and field volunteering missions around the world.
  • You and your employees can add charities and missions, we assess them.
  • Manage the participation of volunteers and the organisation of your volunteering days.
  • No more borders. Your employees can support projects in more than 40 countries, even remotely.

And make donations

  • Aggregator of projects to be supported.
  • Creation and management of fundraising campaigns open to your partners, employees and their loved ones.
  • Donations online in one click!
  • Employee donation matching programs made simple
  • Organisation of company-wide in-kind donations and material collections.
  • You and your collaborators can add associations and projects, we assess them.

A private and secured social network

  • A familiar and dynamic look for an inclusive communication
  • A news feed with new projects and actions.
  • A profile for your company and each of your employees
  • Define the roles and access rights of your employees.
  • "Admin" functions to monitor the evolution of your commitment and the transparency of the actions carried out.
  • Anonymisation of data decided by the volunteer in line with GDPR.

Gamification tools

  • A virtual philanthropic currency to boost motivation
  • Individual and team rankings
  • Customisable email notification system to stay informed of other actions and news.

Qualitative and Quantitative reporting

  • For each action, new data for your reporting.
  • Measuring your employees' social engagement.
  • Measuring the impact of your actions.
  • For HR: Measuring the impact of your program on the satisfaction of your employees.
  • Each Alaya NGO partner is committed to being transparent with you.
  • Exchanges between charities and volunteers.
  • Handwritten reports of associations from the field.
  • Inspiring stories and images of beneficiaries and volunteers.

A 100% customisable platformaccording to your needs.

  • Alaya offers you a wide range of choices both in terms of NGOs, missions and functionalities.
  • Before any implementation, we give you recommendations for free on the optimal customisation of the platform according to your strategy.

Adopt a single digital solution for your social engagement with Alaya.

Present in more than 40 countries and already serving more than 50 companies, our solution can be adapted to all environments and industries.