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The digital platform for employee social engagement

Alaya is the social engagement platform that allows thousands of individuals, brands and companies to do their part and act upon the social and environmental challenges of this century while building a positive culture at work.

How it works ?

Choose an association. Choose how you want to help. Do your part.

Skills-based Volunteering

Our knowledge is our most precious asset. Share it with associations that need it and help them boost their impact.

Field Volunteering

Alone or as a team, organise volunteering days in the field to support the project and cause of your choice.


Create an internal fundraising campaign. Contribute to the philanthropy of your company. Simply make a donation.

Goods Collections

Do not throw things away, recycle. Office materials, medical devices, toys for Christmas. Organise it easily.

Many benefits

Your engagement program will support the sustainable growth of your company.

team building

A team that works is a team that shares common values. Invest in these values with actions that make sense.


Offering a large diversity of actions to your teams is time consuming? Not with us.

Give more
meaning to "work"

Social employee engagement reinforces the feeling of belonging within a company, it builds a real brand.

Measure your

Being able to act on sustainable causes is good. Measuring the generated impact is even better.

Democratise your
social engagement

Creating a committee and engaging a group of people is a good start. However, it is time to enable everyone to participate.

Become a
meaningful brand

It is not a question of generation. We don’t join a company for its business but especially for its vision and ethics.

All you need to know about our future collaboration

Socially engaged brands

They implemented a social engagement program with Alaya

They trust Alaya

They have implemented a powerful social tech initiative and we are very proud to support them.

Find out how Alaya can support your association

You are looking for qualified volunteers, skills and funds. We can help you. Not familiar with digital tools? Let us guide you.

All you need to know about social engagement programs
and inspiring stories

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Your actions are our source of inspiration. Thank you for moving the world forward in the right direction. In 2018, we count:

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