Make fundraising and donation matching easy.

Manage donations and create fundraisers all in one single platform.

employee donation matching fundraising

Manage donations easily, in one place.

Create your own fundraisers for bigger impact.

Grow donations and support by easily creating your own fundraisers for causes that matter to individuals and the company – and share them with customers, partners and others for an even bigger reach.

employee fundraising campaign

Donate securely and from anywhere around the globe

Donors pick from 135+ currencies and donate securely and cost-effectively through integrated RaiseNow and Stripe technology.

corporate donations multi currency

Support a network of nonprofits around the world.

Easily integrate your existing nonprofit partners, or connect with new ones through Alaya’s global nonprofit network.

global nonprofit network

Match donations to show your support

Deepen your connection with employees by matching their contributions in a simple and automated way.

donation matching

Track it all in one place

Track all donations and to which causes to see which causes are receiving support across your company and report it easily.

employee volunteer tracking

Making an impact individually and collectively

Show solidarity through donation matching.

Build brand loyalty by supporting your employees’ donations through matching.

Make an individual and collective impact.

Create company-wide and individual fundraisers to support causes that matter to everyone.

Secure and international donations.

Ensure your donations are made securely and cost effectively.

Save time and see an ROI in your program.

Centralise your efforts and automate smaller tasks in order to boost your program efficiency and ROI.

Engage employees while making an impact.

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