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Mitarbeiter Soziales Engagement

Comment évaluer les associations dans le cadre de votre programme d’engagement sociétal – Partie 2

Dans notre dernier article, Grégoire vonBlon, responsable des relations avec les ONG d’Alaya, a présenté six façons pour les entreprises d’évaluer leurs programmes de dons …

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Mitarbeiter Soziales Engagement

How to vet charities for your corporate giving program – Part 1

When deciding where to give, we all want to be sure that our donations are doing the most good. But how? With so many worthy …

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Frau, die Kinder in Kenia unterrichtet und trainiert

Creating champions in the Kibera slum since 2012

It was supposed to be a regular volunteering experience… Marta Baeta’s first volunteering experience abroad changed her whole life. This young Portuguese girl never thought …

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Frauen  von Page Groupe and Découvrir, wer ihre Mission beendet hat

Alaya Stories, Episode 1: PageGroup & Association découvrir

We have the immense pleasure to introduce you to the first of our Field Stories series! To start off we’re going to share PageGroup and …

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