How Lendlease organized a community week that engaged 46% of employees and saw a £68,000 SROI

How Lendlease organized a community week that engaged 46% of employees and saw a £68,000 SROI

With Laura Caporossi, External Partnerships & Programme Manager


participation rate


hours donated over 5 days


social return on investment


Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Lendlease is a globally integrated real estate and investment group with core expertise in shaping cities by creating strong and connected communities. With more than 60 years in the business, they believe in finding better ways to build places that will leave a positive legacy, putting a focus on safety, innovation, and sustainability.




Construction & Development

number of employees

1,300 across UK & Italy


Their main challenges were to:

  • Define a strong policy that establishes how employees can lend their time during company-wide initiatives. 
  • Create a flexible program that enables employees to personalize their experience without too much manual work for the team. 
  • Connect with nonprofits related to their core business within their desired regions without being on the ground in each area.


By implementing Alaya by Benevity’s all-in-one purpose platform, Lendlease was able to:

  • Access localized volunteer activities to accelerate planning
  • Connect dispersed teams all in one place
  • … and more!
“Alaya is the home of all our volunteering opportunities. It’s the key that kind of allows everybody to access activities, choose what they want to do, and get the information that they need. It's very easy to navigate from the member and administrator points of view and is also incredibly easy to use.”
Laura at Lendlease

Laura Caporossi

External Partnerships & Programme Manager

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