Implementing a company-wide initiative to engage employees and drive participation

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How Frontiers reached over 50% of their employees through purpose-driven employee engagement in 7 months

With Francesca Tettamanzi, Learning & Development Specialist, and Gabriella Zozzaro, Office Manager, Frontiers


of employees active on the platform in 7 months


increase in contributions in the last 3 months


With offices in the United States, Spain, China, United Kingdom, and Switzerland, Frontiers is a leading Open Access Publisher and Open Science Platform, whose journals are led and peer-reviewed by over 100,000 top researchers. Its team of 600 employees strives to make access to science available and open to everyone, to generate more knowledge and accelerate innovation, health and prosperity for all. The organisation also plays an important role as a scientific publisher in tackling the world’s most pressing issues.




Scholarly publishing

number of employees

600 in US, UK, Switzerland, Spain and China


With spontaneous employee-driven activities taking place on a monthly basis, the team needed a tool to make it easy for employees to find local opportunities to get involved, see what their colleagues are up to, support each other, and track all the great impact they were having on the community.
In line with the company’s mission to ensure healthy lives on a healthy planet, Frontiers wanted to help their people play their part by empowering them to change the world and contribute to the global United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in a meaningful and sustainable way.


It became increasingly apparent that Frontiers needed to launch a philanthropy program to enable Frontiers staff to easily give back to the communities. The solution involved the rollout of:

  • A supportive company policy
  • A go-to platform for employees, near and far
  • A hub to build a purpose-driven culture and keep track
“With nearly 300 accounts created on the platform and over 50% of active users, our staff can now browse through the vast and varied list of volunteering projects, from goods and funds collection to field volunteering and remote skills-based projects. Our people can finally log onto a platform and browse through volunteer programs close to their hearts.”
gabriella zozzaro employee volunteering frontiers

Gabriella Zozzaro

Office Manager, Frontiers

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