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Access to 1.5 million nonprofits globally & locally

Ensure maximum participation by giving easy access to unique causes from a catalogue of over 1.5 million local or global nonprofits—with just a few clicks.

"Make giving easy again—a valuable platform, great projects & amazing people behind the scenes!"

Lisa U

Manage and match employee donations

Get a complete overview of employee donations and corporate matching efforts. Give employees the opportunity to make one-off donations in-app, or donate monthly via their payroll.

"It has been a more than a year that I am volunteering through the social engagement platform Alaya. I liked the concept of contributing in social projects more actively using my skills and time rather than just giving donations."

Vorasith K

Measure the ROI of your giving program

Automated reporting & tracking tools give you an immediate overview of donations, matching, engagement, costs, and impact.

Boost employee engagement

Alaya’s knowledge base spans across multiple countries’ legal frameworks and cultures, giving you one engaging platform for your entire global workforce.

Let’s lead with purpose

It’s time to make employee led company giving as easy as it should be.

Make a difference at your organization and join a 19M+ community, helping make a positive impact on our societies and planet.

"Alaya’s platform is easy for all our employees to do good, the platform is nice and user-friendly, I like the gamification too! It provides a lot of different possibilities, like donations, field volunteering, goods collection and skills volunteering. Teams started a very healthy competition and it is driving a lot of engagement in the company.”

Michel de Sainte Marie

Employee Success Manager

“Johnson & Johnson see corporate volunteering as a way for employees to develop new perspectives and stretch their skills, on top of having a social impact."

Emelie Dorlin

Senior Manager, Community Impact, Johnson & Johnson Switzerland

"At PwC, our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems. Alaya helps us to bring our purpose to life through corporate responsibility activities. We believe that the best value we can contribute to society is our knowledge and expertise. That’s why we have chosen Alaya’s platform and skills-based volunteering features. It allows our employees to give back to society in line with their own values and in a flexible way."

Jasmin Khalifa

Head of Corporate Responsibility, PwC Switzerland

Key benefits of Alaya

Tracking & reporting

Custom reporting & management dashboards for HR stakeholders or CSR managers

Access to 1.5M causes & nonprofits

Instant access to 1.5M+ charitable causes around the world.

Account Management & support

Dedicated customer service & success team to help build participation rates

Alaya features at a glance

Tracking & reporting

Secure platform

Nonprofit network

Event management tool


How does Alaya work?

Alaya is people-powered. We have dedicated teams constantly searching for new nonprofits to work with, and working with Alaya customers to get the best out of their corporate volunteering program.

How much does Alaya cost?

Pricing is tailored to you and your business needs. We vary our rates depending on the number of employees and your program goals.

Do you offer donation matching?

Yes, we do! You can read more about our donation matching here.

Do you offer payroll giving?

We offer that too! We can integrate with your current payroll systems to let employees set up recurring or one-time donations—to a cause of their choosing—directly from their payroll.

How do I integrate Alaya with my workforce?

The Alaya customer success team provides you with templates to use with communication tools you already have to make sure employees are aware and engaged and properly onboard the program—wherever they are.

The Alaya Platform is also a web app, so non-desk employees can access it from any device.

Can you source nonprofit organisations for us?

We’d love to help you source nonprofits! In fact, it’s something we excel in and take great joy doing. We’ll work with you to identify your positive impact mission and together we will find nonprofit activities and causes that align with your company and employee interests.

Do you offer a database of nonprofit organisations?

We offer a database of 1.5 million nonprofit organisations. If a nonprofit you need doesn’t exist in our network, collectively we can find it and try to onboard them onto Alaya.

What kind of support will I receive from Alaya?

In short, a lot. You’ll receive ongoing strategy support on your program to maximise participation. You’ll also receive support with campaign ideas, and performance analytics. We’ll provide platform training for your team and help connect you with new nonprofits.

We’re already working with a provider, can you do better?

We offer a lot more than other providers out there. A few customer favourites are: support on scaling your CSR efforts to find local nonprofits for remote offices and a stunning product interface that’s easy to navigate.

Alaya is truly global. We go beyond the platform with support and are constantly sourcing nonprofits. Plus, the fresh UX design of the tool is a fan favourite among employees.

How can I convince leadership to get on board?

We know it can be tough to prioritize corporate volunteering, there always seem to be more pressing issues at hand. Yet, Mckinsey report purpose-led employees show 5x higher levels of wellbeing and 4x higher engagement levels.

How does this data reflect on your business? Purpose-led employees lead to a 6% higher market value, 21% higher profitability, and 57% reduction in turnover. We’ve got the resources and toolkits for internal presentations to help you push this project through the door.

Donations are delivered and employees receive a donation certificate after each donation.

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Let’s lead with purpose

It’s time to make giving as easy as it should be.

Make a difference at your organization and join a 19M+ community, helping make a positive impact on our societies and plane


Engage employees while making an impact