Swisscom & Alaya partner to make the Employee Purpose platform more accessible

Stéphanie Grawehr November 10, 2020

Swiss-based companies can now get access to Alaya’s Employee Purpose platform to engage their employees and make an impact on society through Swisscom’s B2B 3rd Party Services. 

At a time when employees are spread out and hybrid workforces are becoming the norm, keeping employees engaged and motivated can be a differentiator for forward-thinking companies. Employees are seeking ways to have a positive impact on today’s immense sanitary, environmental, and social challenges. 

Swisscom and Alaya share a commitment to using technology for good and thanks to their partnership, Swiss-based companies can bring more purpose to work.

Swisscom Employee Purpose

Alaya Co-Founder and COO Niklas van Neyghem shared, “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Swisscom, to make it even easier for companies to bring their teams together around positive, purpose-driven actions no matter where they are – at a time when the effects of remote work and uncertainty are more evident than ever.”

Dario Di Cerbo, Business Development for Swisscom B2B 3rd Party Services said, “We are proud to announce this partnership with Alaya as part of our B2B 3rd party services program for the Swiss Market. With Alaya in our portfolio, we can better meet the needs of companies across Switzerland as they navigate these times – and beyond.”

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