How to make doing good part of your company DNA

Stéphanie Grawehr October 30, 2019

A new era

We have entered a new era: An era in which companies are more than drivers of economic growth. Businesses are expected to go beyond profit, to be a force for good in society and be responsible corporate citizens for all their stakeholders – from shareholders to their employees to the local community. 

When it boils down to it, a company is its people and all that they bring to it. That’s why investing in and engaging employees should be a priority. A strong company culture and the right set of talents can overcome any challenges ahead.

“They are the most valuable asset to increasing a company’s revenue. When employees are engaged, their productivity increases, and so does your company’s revenue. Culture-fit employees execute the work that will make you stand out in the industry and increase your return on investment.” BMA Group

How this guide can help you

This is a broad topic, so let’s zoom in. In this ebook, we’ll explore and share insights on how you can embed giving and volunteering initiatives in your company culture, so it becomes an authentic pillar of your employees’ experience. But first, how can doing good can have a positive impact on a company? 

As we learned in our recent interview with Leatitia Kulak, Swiss HR activist, socially-oriented companies will have a stronger employer brand:

“How can you differentiate yourself in a competitive market today without enhancing your employer brand? Developing an employer brand involves many paths, but you can differentiate yourself by showing that you are a much more people-oriented, much more socially-oriented company.” – Laetitia Kulak

Based on our experience bringing workplace volunteering and giving activities to life, we’re happy to share insights on how you can design a program that goes beyond simply providing a tool or informing employees. And how you can make it a part of the way you do business and integrate doing good into your employee experience from the beginning.

You might already have a program in place and are looking to give it a boost, or maybe, you’re considering launching a program and are looking for some inspiration on how to bring it to life in a meaningful, authentic way across your company.

Onboarding: It all starts on Day 1

Doing good is party of our employee experience

Embedding your giving and volunteering program starts from the very first day (if not before).  Include a session on your activities in your induction program, so that your new hires are onboard. Remember to give them the context and inspire them:

  • Why giving and volunteering is important to your company
  • Your company policy (such as time off for volunteering, donation matching, etc.) – we’ll cover this in more detail in the next section!
  • How employees can participate in the activities (will it be an annual day of volunteering? All-year? Via a platform?)

Not only does this send a strong message about your culture and values, it’s a great way for new hires to break the ice and bond.

Go the extra mile

If you provide company-branded goodies to your employees, consider sourcing them from charities, or include an extra “good-ie” from a charity. One company even included a volunteering activity during their induction week – for half a day at a local charity near their offices.

Policies: Define clear guidelines

Defining guidelines and a clear policy encouraging your whole organisation to volunteer and donate Defining guidelines and a clear policy encouraging your whole organisationto volunteer and donate will create lasting changes within your organisation. Make sure policies are in place, but don’t stop there: Clear communication is key, so ensure that people…

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