Giving Tuesday 2020 – how to make the most impactful Giving Tuesday

Stéphanie Grawehr November 19, 2020

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A different Giving Tuesday What is Giving Tuesday? Why is it important? How can companies get involved in Giving Tuesday? Keep your #GivingTuesday social Examples of Giving Tuesday initiatives Let’s come together as a global community this Giving Tuesday

A different Giving Tuesday

The way we support philanthropic causes might look different than usual in 2020, but our impact can be just as meaningful. All that’s required is a little creativity.

Many aspects of the global economy have been hit hard by COVID-19. Funding for charitable causes has been particularly negatively affected due to the cancellation or alteration of regular fundraising events and initiatives. Unfortunately, many nonprofit organisations and charitable causes lack the funding reserves to compensate for this.

All this has come together to make the concept of giving back to your community, whether local, regional or global, is more important than ever. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to contribute to charitable causes within the context of social distancing, remote work and even total quarantine. Organising online initiatives and events is one of the most popular options, and trust us, virtual impacts are felt powerfully and purposefully.

The rise of remote work due to COVID-19 has also come with an array of mental health concerns. In fact, a recent study reported that 45% of respondents felt less mentally healthy since working from home due to the pandemic.

A great way to help employees address mental health concerns is by helping them instill a greater sense of purpose into their work day. Enrich your company’s CSR causes and initiatives by reminding employees what they are and how they can get involved. There’s no better opportunity to do so than Giving Tuesday 2020, which falls on 1 December this year.

Giving Tuesday

What is Giving Tuesday? Why is it important?

Giving Tuesday was founded in 2012 on a simple idea – creating a day that would encourage people to do good. Described as a global generosity movement, it was initially established as a partnership between New York’s 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation. In 2019, Giving Tuesday became an organisation in its own right.

This started in the United States as a philanthropic way to offset the consumerism associated with Thanksgiving weekend and Black Friday, but it has grown into a truly global movement. Giving Tuesday gives consumers the opportunity to donate to or become involved with the social causes that align with them personally.

Some quick facts about Giving Tuesday:

Giving Tuesday, A Global Generosity Movement

How can companies get involved in Giving Tuesday?

Does your company want to participate in Giving Tuesday for the first time in 2020? Perhaps you want to enrich your participation this year, or make sure you’re doing so in a truly impactful way?

Giving to any philanthropic cause is worthwhile, but your company’s participation will be most meaningful if your actions line up with your established mission, cause or CSR initiatives.

Keep reading for more ideas about how you can participate in Giving Tuesday 2020 by involving both your employees or your customers.

  • Encourage volunteering: Encourage employees and customers to volunteer, both in-person and virtually. Motivate them with incentives like points, gift cards, swag or prizes. Suggest volunteering for specific causes as well as doing good deeds.
  • Donation matching: This applies to both your employees and your customers. Create a sense of urgency by determining a specific time period where your company will match donations made to a specific cause. You can also set a fundraising target and if you hit the target, your company matches it. Take this a step further by offering discount codes or perks to customers who donate to specific charitable causes.
  • Public fundraisers: Set a fundraising goal as a company and make it interactive by publishing your progress on social media. You can also encourage employees or customers to set their own fundraising goals and offer incentives to those who raise the most money. This is especially effective as The Next Generation of American Giving found that 66% of respondents said that they preferred donating money via a family member or friend.
  • Individual & Team Challenges: Challenges are a great way to get employees and customers involved in charitable giving, are great tools for raising awareness and can often be done virtually. Consider viral challenges like the Ice Bucket Challenge, the #UNSelfie movement, and Movember for inspiration. Bonus points if they’re easily shareable on social media. Try focusing on fun, small actions and everyday challenges as well. Encourage your employees to try new habits and tie it to raising funds for a nonprofit! For example, going sustainable by going meatless or biking to work or wellness challenges like exercising every day or working standing up.
  • Connect with a nonprofit: If there’s a specific nonprofit that aligns with your company or that you’d like to work with in the future, consider inviting them to speak to your company’s employees virtually.

Keep your #GivingTuesday social

Social media is an integral part of the success of Giving Tuesday and using it is vital to your company’s impact. Make sure to use the hashtag #GivingTuesday on your company’s posts and stories and encourage employees and customers to do the same. If you want to get really creative, think of a unique Giving Tuesday hashtag for your company’s specific initiatives and share that as well.

Remind employees and customers to be active on social media on Giving Tuesday to spread your company’s message far and wide. They can do so by liking, comments, sharing and making their own posts & stories. Motivate them to stay engaged by responding to comments and reposting their posts & stories.

Toms Giving Tuesday Campaign 2019

Examples of Giving Tuesday initiatives

There are so many options for your company to organise meaningful and impactful Giving Tuesday initiatives. Keep reading for a few impressive examples to get you inspired.

  • Encouraging Volunteering with TOMS: On Giving Tuesday 2019, TOMs shoes kept its stores closed until 1:00pm in order to give employees the opportunity to volunteer in their communities during the morning hours.
  • Donation matching with Patagonia: In 2019, Patagonia encouraged donors, employees and customers to get involved with fundraising by matching up to $10,000 per donation up to a maximum of $10,000,000. Their initiative lasted for 2 days and all proceeds were given to Patagonia Action Works organisations, most of which have an environmental focus.
  • Round up & donating with Lyft: Last year, Lyft launched a Giving Tuesday initiative that enables customers to round up their fare to the nearest dollar and choose a nonprofit organisation to donate the difference to. This initiative has since become permanent and customers have a wide variety of nonprofit organisations to choose to send their donation to.
  • Social media challenges with & Fossil: Last year, and Fossil did a great job uniting the concepts of fundraising and social media campaigns. They encouraged their social media followers to complete various challenges and share their experiences on social media with the #MakeTimeForGood hashtag. Even better, they donated $1 for every post.

Let’s come together as a global community this Giving Tuesday

All in all, Giving Tuesday is a great opportunity for your company to make a meaningful and impactful difference in your community, either in-person or online. Given the global context caused by COVID-19, nonprofits, and other charitable organisations need donations and community support now more than ever. 

We can’t wait to see the global community come together and make this year’s Giving Tuesday the best yet.

If your company isn’t ready to launch a fully-fledged giving initiative next month, consider doing so at another time of year. Remember, Giving Tuesday’s mission is fostering global generosity… and that can be done all year round.

If you want to learn more about Giving Tuesday or need more ideas about what your company can do to participate, you’ll find tons of resources on the organisation’s website.

If you work for a nonprofit,  you can still plan a campaign for this day to rally your supporters around your cause. 

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