COVID-19 Solidarity: How companies have stepped up to help

Stéphanie Grawehr April 16, 2020

The change that COVID-19 has brought to every individual, family and business is tough to navigate, but it has also ignited inspiring movements of people stepping up to make a difference. Purpose-driven companies around the world are rallying their teams in response to the ongoing crisis, uniting their forces to put their resources to good use. 

We are incredibly grateful and proud that our corporate partners did not wait to act to support their communities, partners, and the COVID-19 efforts. By sharing their stories, we aspire to bring hope about what we can accomplish together to address this situation. And just maybe, you might find an example to inspire a movement at your company.

Lombard Odier teams up with peers to offers 33’000 complimentary meals for hospital staff

Image: Lombard Odier on LinkedIn

It goes without saying that healthcare providers are under a lot of pressure to treat the staggeringly high number of COVID-19 cases. Lombard Odier joined forces with Pictet, Mirabaud and Bordier to support Geneva’s University Hospital (HUG). The companies thanked the hospital staff for their immense efforts by offering 33’000 complimentary meals. When others’ needs have to be put before our own, a little help goes a long way!

Firmenich donates 100 tons of hand sanitizer to support healthcare in the USA and Switzerland

Did someone say hand sanitiser? In this pandemic, disinfectant solutions are vital to limiting the spread of the virus, but have been scarce. In March, Firmenich repurposed their factories to produce hand sanitiser, and donated 20 tons to Geneva’s University Hospital (HUG), and medical and emergency services. They have since increased their hand sanitiser production to provide 100 tons across the USA and Switzerland with donations to hospitals, medical centres, midwives, care workers, emergency services, public transportation, NGOs and community associations supporting the pandemic efforts. The organisation intends to further expand production to meet the needs in Europe and Asia.

EHL Group launches solidarity initiatives to support the hospitality and healthcare industry


In an effort to support the recovery of the hospitality industry, among the industries most hardly hit by the crisis, the Group opened an online portal to share knowledge through faculty research, pro bono advice from experts, and give access to a free online course for hospitality professionals. A large number of in-kind donations have also been made, such as meals distributed to beneficiaries of state welfare, highly discounted food products sold to a distributor to ensure they would not go to waste, as well as donations of 13’300  masks and 30 bottles of hand sanitiser to medical units and construction workers. This spirit of solidarity crossed borders among the EHL community, with students in China donating 2’700 masks to EHL Lausanne.

L’Oréal Switzerland offers relief to its clients, suppliers, retail and nonprofit partners

Image: L’Oréal Suisse

The economic consequences of the pandemic have hit many across the supply chain and particularly, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). L’Oréal Switzerland is supporting its clients, suppliers, retail and nonprofit partners who are suffering most, including pharmacies, retailers, healthcare professionals, and hairdressers. To ensure accessibility and affordability of vital hydro-alcoholic gel, they’re supplying pharmacies and food retail partners with the gel at cost price. To support their SME partners in hairdressing and perfumery, they have deferred payment obligations and providing online training on business management. These are just some of the actions they’ve taken in their comprehensive support package to help their community.

Together, we can

While the current situation is unprecedented, the way companies are playing their part shows their readiness and ability to have an impact. We’ve witnessed that companies worldwide are acting with purpose for the benefit of society, and now, more than ever, we’re optimistic about the force of good that businesses can be. And if you’re wondering what your company could do to help, we hope this might inspire you to make your contribution.

We certainly couldn’t finish this post without mentioning a heartfelt thank you to all the men and women bravely showing up to help on the frontlines everyday.

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