The top 19 corporate social responsibility news & resource sites for purpose-driven professionals in 2020 and beyond

Stéphanie Grawehr November 05, 2020

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Corporate social responsibility roles vary widely, from ensuring ethical labour practices to building out purpose-driven employee engagement programs.

But they all serve one goal. Your company’s employees and customers want your business to be an active part of the community. That’s what you make happen. Your decisions help business and the community at the same time.

You need plenty of skills in CSR: relationship building and writing for PR, research and presentation, communications and strategy, and of course learning more about your employees, customers and their values.

That’s why it’s important to keep track of best practices, trends and news in CSR, and why we built this list of resources for CSR professionals to be well-informed in their work.

Must-have sites on CSR for keeping up with best practices and news

To stay on top of initiatives and corporate social responsibility news around the world, we recommend these websites:


This is the golden standard for CSR news. It’s easy to navigate and publishes corporate social responsibility news a few times a day. You’ll see most corporate social responsibility topics covered like diversity and inclusion, health and wellness, sustainability, philanthropy, finance and more. You can also submit your own content there and find events.

UN Global Compact

This is a must-have for CSR professionals, it’s the UN after all. It’s the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, uniting 12,000 companies to take action and support achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. With local chapters around the world, they have a massive, searchable library of best resources and guides for purpose-driven corporations.

Stanford Social Innovation Review

The SSIR is an award-winning magazine created to inspire leaders of social change. It’s written by and for social change leaders from around the world and from every sector of society. This is the publication to read for the newest and top research and best practices. With an online and offline publication, the SSIR also provides webinars, conferences, articles, podcasts, and every form of learning in the book.

Boston College Centre for Corporate Citizenship

The BCCC performs top-of-the-line research and offers its members plenty of educational content: webinars from industry leaders, online courses, certificate programs, boot camps, and more. It has one of the most extensive corporate citizenship resource libraries and magazines out there. It’s a CSR learner’s paradise.

Business in the Community

This UK-based business-led coalition focuses on inclusion initiatives and sustainability. Offering an active blog, opinion pieces, fact sheets, toolkits and even a podcast, this is the place to be for UK businesses who want to stay on top of responsible initiatives.

Reuters Sustainable Business Section

Reuters hosts the digital version of the Ethical Corporate Magazine, and covers topics like climate and energy, social equality, reporting and finance, communications and engagement and ethics and governance. The paper magazine is published 10 times a year, and the online version also has a few articles per month.

CSR Europe

Your go-to for all CSR news in Europe. This European Business Network supports businesses and industry sectors in their path to sustainable growth, by connecting them with partners, providing resources, events and news. They’re currently very focused on the Sustainable Europe 2030 initiative and have a direct connection with Brussels.

The Huffington Post – Volunteerism

This section of the Huffington Post includes daily news aggregations about good deeds, people, ethical companies doing good things for people, and more feel-good content. Since it’s a sub-section in the whole online newspaper, it’s not updated as frequently as the above resources. However, you can still find some pieces on climate, health, and help from purpose-driven companies.

Best corporate social responsibility sites for inspiring initiative ideas

If you’re looking for opportunities for your company to help in purpose-driven initiatives or employment engagement programs, these websites are great resource:


One of the best places to get ideas from is talking directly to people who have done it before. That’s why events are some of the most inspiring places for CSR professionals. GreenBiz Group is a media and events company that is on the pulse of the intersection of business, technology and sustainability.

3BL Media

3BL is a media company that helps businesses distribute their corporate social responsibility content to investors, policymakers, influencers, consumers, and anybody who’s interested. As such, they have a news feed that gives you insight on what companies are doing around the world to raise their CSR profiles. It’s a perfect place to find ideas and inspiration for your next campaign.

United Purpose

United Purpose is a movement aiming to end global poverty and inequality. They collaborate with corporations to help fund initiatives like women’s economic empowerment programs in rural Mozambique (they partnered with us at Alaya to make this happen!). On their website, you can read about more initiatives they launched and find inspiration for upcoming initiatives at your own company.

Best communities & associations for CSR professionals

corporate social responsibility news

Joining a community or association for CSR professionals and like-minded companies helps you bounce ideas off one another and learn directly from others’ mistakes and achievements. Here are the communities and associations we recommend for CSR professionals:

The Association of Corporate Citizenship Professionals

With over 200 member corporations and 1,500 CSR professional members, the ACCP is a go-to CSR association for those looking to connect with peers. It connects its members with leaders, provides resources and challenges them to grow their skills and practices.

CSR Europe

We mentioned CSR Europe above for news, but it’s also a business network. As members, you’ll have a voice and an engagement opportunities with EU policymakers. With over 375 CEO members dedicated to sustainable growth, you’ll be in good company. They focus on systemic change and sustainability.

B Corp

B Corporations are businesses that care about their purpose as much as their profit. When you get B-Corp certified, you commit to considering the impact of your decisions on workers, customers, suppliers, community, or the environment. They have a thorough resource library for both best practices and preparing for the certification. As a B Corp, you are part of a community of like-minded businesses (like Alaya) and leaders driving the movement of business as a force for good – with lots of resources and opportunities to meet and collaborate.


This is specifically for corporates. It’s a network of CSR and purpose-driven executives and provides resources that help you integrate business pillars like corporate responsibility, communications, investor relations, and sustainability. It has detailed and data-backed case studies, thought leadership, online events and even has its own benchmarking report for you to stay on top of the industry.

Impact 2030

This is a movement to activate corporations and the private sector to work toward reaching the UN’s SDGs. They work with companies to scale the impact of their volunteer initiatives and leverage their human capital. They have a library of excellent resources to learn more about the SDGs, human capital investment and employee development in light of the Global Goals.

Global Pro Bono Network

A network for pro bono service providers, the Global Pro Bono Network links volunteers with social sector organisations. Members (we’re one!) range from startups to large organisations, and their goal is to help advance civic engagement and social growth. They offer events, summits, and plenty of resources on top of the vast network.

Sustainable Brands

Sustainable Brands is a global community of leaders who work to solve environmental and social challenges in parallel to driving innovation and business value. They provide a peer-to-peer, community network of brands leading the sustainability movement. On top of all the free news, members get spotlight news where they can see what their peers are doing in sustainability. 

International Association for Volunteer Effort

The IAVE’s mission is to promote and strengthen global volunteering initiatives for the world’s gravest challenges. With a focus on consulting, advocacy, and knowledge development they have an extensive global network of volunteers. They also have a corporate volunteering strategy and membership for corporations who want to be involved in global change.

There’s opportunity for CSR growth everywhere

Sustainability and progress in the world will go on with or without you. The best way to serve your purpose, which is to give purpose to your company and employees, is to stay on top of trends and best practices. You’re the ultimate multitasker: serving business objectives, developing employees, and helping the world all in one.

When you’re launching or improving your CSR strategy to bring more purpose at work, we are here to help you make it happen.

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