Why take your employee volunteering and giving program digital – save 20% of program costs

Stéphanie Grawehr August 27, 2020

The acceleration of digitisation: The future of work is here

Slack, Workplace, Glassdoor… It’s hard to imagine a work day without these tools at your fingertips. Technology has relieved us from simple yet time-consuming tasks, leaving more space for meaningful action.

In a world of increasingly remote or hybrid workforces, flexible schedules, and continuous change, digitisation is a must. And it’s spread to parts of the organisation quicker than ever, whether from Marketing to Human Resources (HR) to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

For HR and CSR professionals responsible for managing employee volunteering and giving programs, it’s no different.

While many companies have put in place employee engagement and CSR initiatives, they continue to struggle with (and if you’re managing a program, some of this might sound familiar):

  1. Defining programs and finding nonprofits to partner with
  2. Adapting programs remotely
  3. Scaling the program
  4. Encouraging adoption & participation
  5. Tracking & measurement

Don’t worry, there is a better way. In this post, we’re digging into the key benefits of digitising your volunteering and giving program, to help you make the case to go digital and bring your program forward.


1. Save precious time on organising your program (up to 20% of it)

Managing a program well takes time. From finding and vetting nonprofit partners, creating events and managing registrations, the hours add up quickly. On average, program managers spend 450 hours to organise 15 employee events. This amounts to 20% of their time per year.

One of our partners was able to benefit from taking their program digital, and by automating many of the time-consuming tasks, such as registration tracking and reminders, saved around 20% of their program costs.

2. Build employee connection, from anywhere

Business operations were bound to become digital in the long term. The pandemic and its effects increased the need for digitalisation in all areas. A user-friendly digital platform makes it possible for all to participate, in the office or from afar.

3. Scaling your program cost effectively

Imagine multiplying the efforts to manage a program in 1 location to 50. With a centralised tool to create events, invite participants, send automated reminders, and track participation, you can do more with less. This way, employees across many locations can participate – for more impact.

4. Track and report on your program initiatives easily

The era of crammed excel sheets is over. Track volunteering hours, donations, time spent on the platform and the most popular causes supported to better understand your employees, their opinions, and sentiment. Monitor your engagement with digital tools to achieve better performance and broader impact.

5. Increase employee participation

Digital platforms make it easy for employees to participate. Activity is visible across departments, so employees can see how their colleagues are making an impact from anywhere. It’s also motivating and inspires other colleagues to do the same in their community.

A winning formula, if we take action

Technology has brought so much to society, if we harness it for good. By digitising and partnering with an employee volunteering and giving solution, companies are empowered to become more efficient in executing their employee engagement programs to connect their corporate purpose with employees.

Whether it is saving time through administrative tasks, scaling your program or creating new features for your program, a partner can cover these items to free up resources for other projects. In fact, taking it digital is a win-win for all parties involved – from companies, employees and nonprofits.

Are you getting the most out of your employee volunteering and giving programs? What top tips would you share with others to make programs more efficient?

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