Alaya Volunteering Stories, Episode 2: Ipsos and Partage

Stéphanie Grawehr September 26, 2018

We are pleased to present another story from our community! This time it’s Ipsos, a global market research and consulting firm whose teams have joined forces to support Partage, Geneva’s food bank.

Partage collects and sorts unsold stock from food stores in Geneva and other suppliers. These goods are distributed for free to 57 non-profit partners who assist and provide for those in need in the canton.. Through its action, Partage fights against food waste, supports professional rehabilitation and the environment. As the largest food bank in the canton, you can imagine how much stock they have to go through. To be exact, 18 tons of goods per week are collected and sorted, the equivalent of 3 ½ tons per day! This is why Partage relies on volunteers every day to help sort and organise the supplies so they can be distributed to the beneficiaries.

Volunteering Ipsos Partage Alaya 

How did Ipsos support Partage in accomplishing its mission?

This year, volunteers from Ipsos have supported Partage in the warehouse twice, in winter and in summer to sort through tons of supplies (literally!) and organize them for distribution. They worked as a team with other volunteers and persons in their work reintegration process. Although the task seems simple, focus is needed and people watch out for each other in order not to get injured. The volunteers worked in a relaxed, amiable and collaborative atmosphere, chatting along and some people getting to know each other. What sets this type of activity apart is that people’s efforts are meaningful and directly help those in need. Sometimes the aspect of helping others is less tangible in our daily occupation, so being able to do something for others helps us feel more connected as a community.

Ipsos Volunteering Partage Alaya


The experience as told by the volunteers

Helping people in need directly via simple actions is not something that one does every day.  I hope somebody got happier, healthier and less stressed about everyday necessity thanks to Partage.”

-Natalia Kleymenova, Director of Client Service

It’s my second time volunteering with Partage, I decided to bring my sister along, I knew she would also like it as much as I did. There is something special that happens when we stop thinking about ourselves and simply act to help others. It feels good! Partage is very well-organized, the task is simple with great impact. There was a great energy between us and the other volunteers too.

– Sara Stella, Research Executive at Ipsos

This experience enables us to see a reality that is different from our own, some people are in such difficulty that basic and essential products such as toothpaste or rice are unaffordable. I think it is important to help others in this way. It gives us perspective, and the sense that we accomplished something meaningful.”

– Géraldine Mestas, Executive Assistant


Everyone can do their part

Just as the tale of the hummingbird illustrates, anyone can do their part in whichever way works for them to achieve the greater good. This is what Alaya stands for.

Alaya connects non-profit organisations with companies and provides innovative and measurable solutions for employee engagement and corporate social responsibility.

If you are interested to know more about us, feel free to get in touch at [email protected].

Ipsos Volunteering Partage Alaya



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