Alaya Stories, Episode 1: PageGroup & Association découvrir

Stéphanie Grawehr September 26, 2018

We have the immense pleasure to introduce you to the first of our Field Stories series! To start off we’re going to share PageGroup and Association découvrir’s experience.

What does Association découvrir do?

The mission of Association découvrir is to facilitate the professional integration of highly qualified women who come from a migration background and help them find their place, as professionals, in their host society. As the Swiss professional landscape has its unique way of functioning, the organisation aims to provide valuable and personalised resources to support these women and help them overcome the obstacles. In order to increase their chances of finding a job in their field of work, the beneficiaries receive information, coaching, mentoring, attend workshops and language courses.

volunteering Pagegroup and association découvrir

What did PageGroup and Association découvrir do together?

A team of experienced PageGroup recruitment consultants decided to share their in-depth job application knowledge by providing coaching.
The session was opened with a group presentation on making the job application process efficient and useful tips concerning all the documentation that is needed. Next, each participant had a one-to-one interview assessment with a consultant in their field of work. And finally, everyone got together for lunch and chatted some more about job-seeking but also shared about life in general and discovered more about each other. There were twelve participants from the organisation and six consultants from PageGroup.

“As recruitment and HR specialists, we were delighted to have the opportunity to contribute some time to people who can really benefit from our experience and skills. We gathered a team right away and planned the coaching session!” – Joy Usubelli, Senior Consultant at PageGroup.

volunteering activity Pagegroup and association découvrir

How was the coaching experience?

The women received coaching which is very relevant for their career path and situation, let’s hear what they have to say!

“I learned some job-application strategies I had never known of before, so I can now modify what I have been doing. We were also taught the importance of some local customs I wasn’t aware of. Some were small details that make all the difference!”

“This coaching helped me understand how I increase my chances to get a job in my field. It was a very unique opportunity, thank you!”

“It’s a great experience for us to share this knowledge, we truly believe anyone can get their dream job here!” – Julie Ardouin, Manager at PageGroup.

coaching Pagegroup and association découvrir

This coaching not only helped the participants with enhancing their CV, their interview skills, but also on the personal level:

Thanks to this exchange, I gained confidence in my abilities and skills. I am ready more than ever to go out there and apply everything I learned!”

“We are so happy to have been able to help these wonderful and highly qualified women.  Sharing our knowledge was great, but even more that we could empower them!” – Olivia Vaunaize, Senior Consultant at PageGroup.

coaching pagegroup and association découvrir

A real added-value the consultants brought was the fact that “each consultant shared their experience and advice relevant to the participant’s own fields of work. General advice is helpful, but targeted insight is invaluable!” – Sarah Gamblin, Communications Manager at Association découvrir.

We wish the participants  lots of success in finding the job of their dream!

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