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Andre Abreu October 19, 2020

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Why the new look? The origin of Alaya, evolved Our purpose Our new visuals

It’s a big day for us at Alaya, we have a new look and with it a brand new website!

When we founded Alaya 3 years ago, in the backdrop of all that was happening socially and environmentally in the world, we had an idea. We saw the immense potential in people and companies, ready to be unlocked. And had a vision for a world where everyone could act, for good.

Why the new look?

Today, companies like yours recognise the role that they must play to build a more resilient economy and society. With more meaning, more purpose. We’ve witnessed the merging of Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Engagement – a rise in purpose AND technology.

The origin of Alaya, evolved

While we have a new look, our original vision continues to drive us and remains at the heart of all that we do. It’s rooted in the legend of the hummingbird and the hummingbird’s optimism, action, and resilience in the face of adversity. One act at a time.

As our product has evolved, we sought to:

  1. Reflect the evolution of our offering and our renewed positioning, focused on purpose.
  2. Bring out the core of our why – the combination of tech and human.
  3. Unify our brand and build connection with our community.

And so this is it. We’re thrilled to introduce you to the evolution of our logo and our identity, one that is simpler, scalable, but still captures the spirit of Alaya – the legend of the hummingbird – who inspires us to act, to make positive change, together. It reminds us of the potential that we have, as individuals and as companies, to have a meaningful impact on society.

Our purpose

From today onwards, we’re truer to our purpose. We recognise that purpose is about more than volunteering and giving, it’s about employees – people – having an overarching sense of what matters in their lives and work toward something they find meaningful, that they value. And purpose is personal. Our new look is a reflection of this.

When you can connect your company purpose with individual purpose, there is immense potential that’s good for the world, for your people, and for your business. Or people, planet, profit. In fact, McKinsey research shows that people who say they are “living their purpose” at work report 5x higher levels of wellbeing than those who say they aren’t. And, they are 4x more likely to report higher engagement levels. But more on that another time.

Our new website & platform

We’ve redesigned our website to reflect this new identity and invite you to explore it! You’ll see a lot more human elements, visuals and colours.

Not only that but of course our platform has a new look too:

We’d love your feedback on it, or if you’d like to discuss further how you could work with us in your Employee Engagement and Purpose programs, feel free to request a demo with us and we’d be happy to have a chat. 

We’re looking forward to continuing our journey to enable purpose at work, one act at a time with you!

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