6 creative virtual team building activities for remote teams in 2020

Stéphanie Grawehr October 06, 2020

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Things have been tough for newly remote teams this year.

By now, most companies have embraced the idea that remote work is here to stay. You’ve picked a conference call software and finally have your communication processes in place.

But what about company culture and sense of belonging? That’s where virtual team building comes in.

With some effort, it’s possible to keep your team connected and motivated.

Sure, Zoom burnout is a real thing. But, with a little creativity and intention, there’s a lot of opportunity for online team bonding.

Today, we’ll break down 6 super-creative virtual team building activities for your remote team.

Why virtual team building matters

Back in 2012, Google had a mission to figure out the elements that made a perfect team.

Google knows that its success depends on something more vital than its algorithm and technology: its people. They decided the best investment they could make would be in understanding their people and what keeps them motivated.

This unprecedented investment in employee research provided actionable takeaways for teams worldwide. One of the findings was that teams work better when people are friends.

A sense of connection is what separated the “good” teams from “bad” ones. That’s even if the “bad” ones were smarter or better trained.

But real-life teams have coffee breaks and water coolers. Even without team-building exercises, there’s opportunity for chit-chat.

Then came COVID-19, and the pandemic forced us all into our homes. Video conference was the new standard team meeting.

The 2020-era remote employee is restricted to communication via Zoom video calls and Slack channels. It’s not exactly prime real estate for bonding. Remote work can cause anxiety, and hinder trust and connection.

Without team building, company culture suffers immensely. High trust, leadership and belonging provided through the compass of a culture make all the difference, especially in turbulent times. Company culture brings higher employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity. It’s the route to a team of happy employees. Without an office space to connect, virtual teams need intentional activities to connect.

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