Why You Should Digitalize Your CSR Program & How To Do It in 2022

Stéphanie Grawehr October 01, 2021

Digital innovation is at the center of all evolutions in the corporate world. Many industries are making a transition to a fully digital approach to marketing, sales, and internal organization. Moreover, we have now understood how corporate social responsibility is crucial for any company that wants to demonstrate a committed and honest image.

These two major shifts linked together can bring an easy and fun way to engage employees on some great philanthropic projects. A digitalized Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) platform is the easiest way to foster measurable change in the world while having a grasp on the real impact of the firm and each individual employee.

In this article, we’ll explore the why behind digitizing your Corporate responsibility initiatives, as well as a few actionable ways you can go about it building this digital strategy.

CSR in the Digital Era

Digital transformation of CSR strategies is a necessary step for the industry. CSR has notoriously thrived offline, with sustainable practices, environmental impact volunteering, and businesses reporting on their efforts once a year in a wrapped-up deck.

However, digital technology is moving forward, and it’s taking your CSR strategy with it. This digital era and digital transformation add a new layer of responsibility to companies. Your renewable energy efforts, tracking of your carbon footprint, and even your ethically sourced supply chain have never been so in the public eye, whether you want them to be or not.

It means that in today’s world of rapid information, your CSR efforts need to be public, transparent, and attainable, so everyone can see the positive impact you’re making with just a few clicks.

5 Reasons To Digitalize Your CSR program

Here are five reasons why you should definitely look into digitalizing your corporate philanthropy.

1. Digital CSR brings harmony to your strategy

CSR used to require a lot of work and planning. With a digital approach, it is easier than ever to harmonize CSR projects. All of the actions online, the fieldwork opportunities, and the general philanthropic activity can be stored in one place.

Another advantage is that everything is pre-built. With no platform to design or files to create, you and your employees will save a precious amount of time. Alaya’s platform is an online-based social network that your employees can create an account on, so no installation is involved. This makes it very easy to implement for big, medium, and small firms.

For companies that are embracing corporate social responsibility for the first time, a digitalized platform is very easy to adopt. For those who already have a program running, it can easily be combined with our digital network.

digitalise CSR program

2. Corporate Social Responsibility transparency can easily be maintained

This issue is at the core of the debate in the NGO world. How can we be sure that our money is going to the right place?

Fortunately, on a digital platform directly connected to the NGOs, it is easy to get feedback and news from the field. Data can be collected regularly for the company so that all the contributors can be aware of their impact.

On our Alaya platform, we conduct regular checkups and follow-ups with the NGOs and share them with your company.


We think that the best way to stay engaged is to have a clear view of our impact as individuals and as a team. All of the associations we work with have followed a strict certification process. Plus, all of the money donated on our platform is for the projects, so we make sure that it makes maximum impact.

Transparency also benefits the company’s reputation because their philanthropic efforts are seen by all on the network. Every employee can choose to share their efforts and show their peers the impact they have made.

digitalise CSR program reporting

3. Digital corporate responsibility tools are adaptable for the company and employees

A digital strategy platform can easily be modified to the company’s needs. No matter the size of your firm, everyone can join in. CSR strategy platforms can be endlessly modified by the providers, which saves HR a lot of time and effort.

Likewise, they are highly adaptable to your current CSR programs. On our platform for example, if you are already working with a specific project—let’s say an environmental sustainability project—it can easily be added to the platform so that your work with this specific association can continue.

The number of employees on the social network is also adjustable: a company can start slow and gradually add as many employees on the platform as they wish.

Another big difference on our platform is that every employee can choose to help with any project. There is a wide variety of NGOs and projects on the platform that can be linked to each one of the company’s employees.

Everyone can make personal choices. Of course, group projects and trips to the field can be organized through the platform as well. Teamwork is encouraged on the platform and progress is made visible to the whole firm.

4. A digital strategy can maximize employee engagement

If methods are not standardized, employees and managers often fail to accomplish internal tasks because they are too time-consuming and difficult to achieve.

To maximize employee engagement on a project, a platform needs to be easily accessible, user-friendly, and fun. A digital platform can be the three of these things, therefore, it can be used as a space of interaction between colleagues that can be very stress-relieving.

Uniting for a greater cause will maximize overall engagement amongst employees because it will foster a sense of importance and purpose to their jobs. We have focused our efforts on making the platform entertaining so that employees will want to use it.

We have included gamification in our social network, meaning the employees will be rewarded for doing good. The results will be visible to other employees, which can encourage interaction on the platform.

5. Digital transformation is championing online volunteering

digitalise CSR program online volunteering

The arrival of digital practices and new technologies also means opportunities for small NGOs and many companies.

These new, and importantly free, ways of communication give them more visibility. Thanks to the internet, people from all over the world can get to know even the smallest structures.

The challenge is that these practices are often very new and in some rural areas, they are not yet common. Sometimes, NGOs do not have the resources, personnel, or skills to manage things like web design, social media marketing, or blogging.

On our platform, we match your skilled employees with NGOs that need help in the digital sector. Your business employees can dedicate a few hours a week to an online job of their choice. This way of volunteering creates a great and measurable impact.

It’s highly effective because the jobs can be done from employee desks! Also, engaging your employees on meaningful missions will respond to their need for a bigger purpose in their job.

How to Digitalize a CSR program

Worried about going through the process of transforming your businesses’ CSR strategy into a digital platform? Don’t worry, the team at Alaya can help you through every step of the way. A few common areas of CSR Alaya help to digitalize are:

  • Measuring and reporting on your carbon footprint
  • Positively contributing towards climate change
  • Managing environmental impact initiatives
  • Handling employees’ personal information
  • Showcasing your business’s social responsibilities to stakeholders and customers
  • Connecting you with companies that need your talent’s time

A few companies that Alaya have helped in transforming their CSR strategy and take it online are:

Scor: Alaya helped SCOR engage 41% of their digital sustainability platform users in seven months across 39 countries.

Nexthink: Alaya helped Nexthink launch their CSR program online and in seven countries, engaging 33% of employees in the first year

Frontiers: Alaya took the Frontiers CSR initative company-wide helping them to engage employees and drive CSR participation through digitalization.

What’s next for CSR? Prepare for 2022

So, we’ve covered what’s happening right now with digitalization and corporate social responsibility, but what does the future hold? Well, there’s a lot in the works that’s looking to change the way businesses manage CSR.

In 2022, we can expect to see influencers becoming a larger part of CSR initiatives as brands team up with governments and influencers to fight global issues like climate change, environment sustainability, plastic waste, and more.

2022 will also bring more transparency from businesses than we’ve ever seen before as brands are held accountable and showcase their positive impact, 24/7—not only in EOY CSR reports.

Online volunteering opportunities are only expected to grow in 2022, even as the world returns to offline events. For some, working from home options are here to stay, out of personal preferences. Companies are now offering these options in permanent contracts, and they’ll be offering online volunteering opportunities to match.

What do you have planned for 2022? Get in touch with the Alaya team and let’s see how we can create a partnership that helps your efforts to thrive.

Digitzalizing CSR FAQs

What is digital corporate social responsibility?

Digital corporate social responsibility is the implementation of a tool or platform to help take your business’s commitment to do good even further. It entails taking your operations, management, and reporting for CSR online, and enables your initiatives to be scalable and more successful.

What are some examples of digital corporate social responsibility—CSR?

A few examples of a successful CSR initiatives that online are:
Online skills-based volunteering: like business or people coaching
Payroll giving and 1:1 matching
Online awareness events: like webinars and conferences

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