Your employees are your best ambassadors

Companies are expected to be actively involved in impacting the world in a positive manner. Employees wish to make an impact but not always have adequate solutions. According to Gallup, 80% of employees want to volunteer but lack adequate time and solutions. Paradoxically, companies are increasingly challenged when motivating their teams. So what if we could work on employee engagement issues by giving people the tools and motivation to make an impact.

So, why Alaya?

Employee engagement

  • Reduce Turnover

    Motivated and engaged employees are more likely to remain with their company.

  • Improve Team Performance

    Working as a team on the projects delivered by the Alaya platform will reinforce your team spirit and support each employee’s professional and personal growth.

  • Connect Employees

    People whose everyday work doesn’t enable them to connect with others in the business get the opportunity to work together on common projects.

  • Align Employee Values

    Employees feel more connected to the company’s values because they share a common goal.

employee engagement alaya

Corporate social responsibility

field volunteering
  • Social Reporting

    Alaya gives you a powerful tool to analyse the impact created by the entire company.

  • Increase Social Impact

    All of the key elements to creating an impact are guaranteed with Alaya: employee volunteering, corporate giving and impact reporting.

  • Vetted NGOs

    Our selection of handpicked NGOs are formidable partners, dedicating their time and efforts to significant and sustainable causes.

  • Maintain a High Standard Image of your Company

    Upload and include our impact reports to your sustainability reports to exceed expectations from stakeholders.

Our technology

  • Simple and Easy to Implement

    Our user-friendly platform ensures that you will find all the information you want and supports you in creating the impact you believe in.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Alaya can be displayed on your smartphone and is just as user-friendly so you can keep track of news and enjoy the features wherever you are.

  • Real-time Tracking

    Our technology offers you an automatic and real time reporting. You are able to see the impact created by your company at any time.

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