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Access to experts online

access to experts online
  • Skills Based Volunteering

    Get the assistance of professionals who will share their skills and expertise for activities such as accounting, web design, communication, IT solutions and so much more.

  • Corporate Expertise

    The undisputed value of a professional’s expertise is hard to find among volunteers without conducting multiple interviews. With Alaya, you will be contacted only by people matching the skills you need.

Access to experts in the field

  • Local

    Receive help and support from those closest to you, many are willing to contribute to their local community.

  • Teams and Individuals

    Some activities require the effort of a large group of people, you can be sure to find motivated teams to help you out. Our platform also makes it possible to reach people who want to get involved individually, on a more or less recurrent basis.

  • Receive Goods

    Alaya also offers the possibility for companies and individuals to organise an in-kind collection according to our non-profit partners’ needs .

field volunteering

Access to donations

access to donation
  • Direct Donations

    Showcase your crowdfunding campaign to find resources for specific projects among our users.

  • Grants

    Our corporate partners directly give grants or delegate grant giving to their employees.

  • Fundraising Campaign

    Users can create their own fundraising campaign for your cause and combine it with the participation to a challenge of their choosing marathons amongst other ideas.

Increased visibility and reach

  • A Place to Showcase your Mission

    Your profile on the Alaya platform reflects your work and receives the exposure it needs to foster synergies and exchanges.

  • A Broad Network of Significant Stakeholders

    Your organisation will be a part of a highly qualified community, enabling you to get constructive feedback, reach a broad network both in the non-profit and the corporate world.

  • A Large Community of NGOs

    Our community of trusted non-profit partners is a fertile environment where you can see each other’s activity, reach local partners through members of the network, to reproduce your proofed project model on the broadest scale.

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