Meet the team

Our team shares the belief that it is only through goodness and collaboration that we will achieve remarkable change for our planet and the people living on it. Our mission is to connect, empower and encourage people to create a lasting social impact.

André Abreu

Co-Founder & CEO

guillaume granelli alaya

Guillaume Granelli

Co-founder & Head of Marketing

niklas van neyghem alaya

Niklas Van Neyghem

Co-Founder, Chairman & CTO

olivier eyries alaya

Olivier Eyries

Co-Founder & COO

aurelien borst alaya

Aurélien Borst

Partner & Art Director

magino marveaux-cochet

Magino Marveaux-Cochet

Partner & Product Engineer

pierre-jacques dauvert alaya

Pierre-Jacques Dauvert

Partner & Product Engineer

yasmin hediger alaya

Yasmin Hediger

Client & NGO Relations Manager

gregoire von blon alaya

Grégoire von Blon

NGO Partnership Manager

mathilde pellen alaya

Mathilde Pellen

Project Coordinator

Our story

We both started with a single goal : create a world of collaboration and goodness to achieve remarkable changes in our world. To do so, Share A Dream and Hope it up joined forces to create Alaya.

December – 2015

Share A Dream is created


Summer – 2016

Share A Dream is among the finalists of MassChallenge Switzerland 2016.

masschallenge share a dream


The platform is launched and employees start making an impact!

mockup browser share a dream

December – 2016

Hope it up is launched.

hope it up

April – 2017

Hope it up joins MassChallenge 2017 and meets Share A Dream (alumni of the program).


masschallenge hope it up

Summer – 2017

The platform is launched and first users join Hope it up.


hope it up platform

alaya logo

Alaya is born from the merger of Share A Dream and Hope it up!


Goodness : because it’s by helping others that we help ourselves

Collaboration : because it is only by sharing that we achieve greater good

Innovation : because we simply don’t accept the status quo

Passion : because we are driven by our purpose of achieving social impact

Fun : because it’s a smile every day that keeps us going

Our partners